M.A.P.P Foods Ltd specialises in producing ready to eat salad ingredients. We have a wide range of products available and we can tailor products to suit your needs.



A wide variety of prepped and fresh lettuces are available including iceberg, romaine, batavia and prepared mixed leaf salads.



M.A.P.P Foods offers a range of tomatoes from regular to beef and cherry to plum.



We specialise in prepared onion both red and white. Depending on your needs, diced and sliced of varying sizes are available along with whole fresh onions.



Diced, sliced and whole green, red and yellow peppers are available by individual colour or mixed.

Baby Leaves

baby leaves

A range of baby leaves are available including spinach, rocket, kale and chard to name but a few.

Cabbage, Carrot & Coleslaw

cabbage, carrot and coleslaw

Shredded red and white cabbage, along with a variety of prepped carrot products are available as well as the very popular dry coleslaw mix.

Cucumber, Scallions, Mushrooms and more

cucumber, scallions and mushrooms

We offer additional prepared vegetable and salads including cucumber, scallions and mushrooms and are continuously adding to our product range and preparation process based on market trends and customer requirements.

Fruit and Vegetables

fruit and vegetables

A complete range of unprepared fresh fruit and vegetables are available to suit your requirements.



We supply a variety of ready to eat or unwashed herbs including rosemary, coriander, basil, mint and bay leaves.